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Build deep engagement

Bring your characters to life through play-based conversation informed by your character's story and world.

Drop-in Anytime

Platform agnostic

Children can talk to your custom character on any app, device, or channel.

Simple Subscription

Kids safe

We partner with child psychologists and educators to design developmentally sound and age-appropriate topics.

Proven character development

We’ve created hundreds of hours of children's entertainment, and are using our expertise to bring our new characters to life.

Two girls painting along with a Beanstalk live show on their iPad while watching in the kitchen. Child on the left has their hand raised waiting to be called on by the host.

Lean-in entertainment

Imagine if your characters could build a relationship with families around the world? Beanstalk extends your brand's IP by developing interactive characters with knowledge of its backstory and world.

Our Approach


We're parents ourselves, so we're creating an experience that's safe for kids to use. We use data we collect only to make the conversational experience tuned to a child's needs, but we never share personally identifiable information with third parties.

Privacy Policy
Child showing the peace sign in front of a desktop computer playing a Beanstalk show. On the desk is an art piece the child made during the show.

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