Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

After parents sign into Beanstalk and select a topic, an AI-powered character will greet them and start interacting with the child using their voice. Children can respond back using their own voices, and the character will do their best to understand and engage with them. Lessons are only a few minutes long -- at the end, characters wave good-bye and invite them to come back and explore more.

What's the best setup or technology to get the most out of a live experience?

We need permission to use your device's microphone so we can hear the child and respond back. We're designed to be mobile friendly, so you can use an iPad or iPhone for this experience.

What if my child says something inappropriate?

We have implemented safeguards to discourage this behavior and redirect children toward the point of the lesson. If the language continues, lessons may be halted, requiring you as the parent to restart them if you want.

Why did we make this?

The people behind Beanstalk are passionate, forward-thinking, family-first experts in tech, education, entertainment, and children’s media. We are professionals, pioneers, and parents who believe that nurturing today’s youngest minds will bring tomorrow’s brightest future. We do this by transforming technology experiences into rich learning ground while creating deeper human connections. Our technology encourage children to be curious, creative, confident, and kind. We’re proudly backed by a group of investors who feel the same.

How can I join the Beanstalk team?

Check out our careers page for any available openings. Thanks for your interest!